Oren Klaff on The 1 Secret You Need To Do On A Pitch

Oren Klaff on The 1 Secret You Need To Do On A Pitch


I recently had the opportunity to interview Oren Klaff, the author of the #1 best seller, Pitch Anything.  Pitch Anything is all about the psychology of what it takes to have a winning pitch.

Here is a video from a recent interview where Oren talks about 1 secret you need to do on a pitch.

In this video on the 1 secret you need to do on a pitch,  Oren Klaff will show you:

  • A technique to control a meeting
  • How to use his process of frame control
  • How to create scarcity for your deal

Transcription of The 1 Secret You Need To Do On A Pitch:


How would you recommend someone practice your style of pitch?


Believe it or not, I read our book. It’s a blueprint of what we do internally. It’s not my musings. It’s how to do it specifically. The book is solid stuff and you should have it. Whenever I walk into investment banks and they tell me they teach a course called Pitch Anything, I ask, “Shouldn’t you pay me for that?”

This is what you can do. “Hey, guys. We’ve got this deal. This deal has got the most amount of momentum. We’re super busy on it. I’ve got about an hour here today. I think you guys can hold off telling me about your fund. We know a little about you. We’d love to hear about it, but you’ve done a million different things. That’s awesome.

“The deal we have is contemporary. It’s happening now. Today. Why don’t I tell you about it for twenty minutes? At the end of that, I’ll let you tell me about yourselves and how you guys are a fit for what we have. If it seems like our circles overlap, then we can stay a little bit longer and talk some more about what we might or might not do together. If anybody needs fluids in or out, let me know now, but I think that would be a good agenda. Why don’t we kick this thing off and start rolling?”

That is something you can do to get control of the frame, prize yourself and let the buyer or investor know you’re in the process of choosing them and that they’re not automatically able to get into your deal or buy your product.

I’ll finish with this. People want what they can’t have, they chase that which moves away from them and they only value that which they pay for. And if you think about that and then you use that narrative or that script I just gave, that is something you can do today to improve your starting point.

Pitch Mastery and Pitch Anything Edge Courses:

Oren offers 2 courses that you can use to learn about his process for pitching.  If you would like to learn more about Oren’s courses, you can click either of the links below:

Pitch Anything Edge: Edge is the course companion to the book, Pitch Anything.  The EDGE website provides video, audio, and written companion material, and further instruction on PITCH ANYTHING.

Pitch Mastery: Pitch Mastery is a course designed to prepare you to close important sales and raise money.

Order Oren’s awesome book Pitch Anything below.

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